Frequently asked questions

Q: I've got this really important recording I can't recover myself. Can you do it for me?
Please try to fix it yourself, first. I live in Europe, so if I'd do it for you, it could take several weeks. Also, please understand that I can't do it for free.

Q: The instructions on you homepage don't work. Shall I email you?
Yes please. But: If you're able to understand the instructions, please try them out before complaining that something is wrong. Also make sure that you've read the manual for you MD recorder.

Q: I've recovered a recording, but now the tracks are all mixed up.
Your MD was fragmented. This can happen if you record on a MD that already had some tracks on it. The recording was made in the free area of the MD, which was in different places all over the MD. You need to divide the tracks and combine them into the right order by yourself, I'm afaraid.

Q: I've recovered a recording and when playing, the time changes but I don't hear anything.
Your MD might have been recorded in long play mode. To recover the MD you need to use the exact recording mode that was used when the recording was made.

Q: Does the recovery procedure work with a Sony JE-500 or JE-510?
No, alas it does not.
A2: I was informed by email that it does after all. But instead of using the TEST mode you will have to unscrew your deck and exchange the MDs manually while the power is disconnected. You will lose you guarantee and might damage you deck, so don't do it unless you want to take the risk.

Q: Does the recovery procedure work with the new Sony JE-520?
Yes. However, AFAIK beating SCMS does *NOT* work, while preventing SCMS does.

Q: How do I prevent a TOC update with my Sony walkman.
With the R30 or MZ-1: Keep the machine in REC-PAUSE or PLAY-PAUSE. Then first remove the battery, then remove the mains. The walkman will forget the TOC update.

Q: Does the recovery procedure work with walkmen?
NO! The trick behind the recovery is to exchange the MDs without the machine's processors realising this. This seems impossible for Sony walkmen, as they lose their TOC info, when there's out of energy, but it might work with Sharp models, as they keep the TOC in their memory when the battery is removed.

Q: Are those MDs with more than 75 minutes running time for real?
Yes, these are normal MDs with a modified TOC that can be copied. I've got a 76:29 MD and can "clone" this onto a normal 74:59 MD. When I do this, I add 90 extra seconds at the beginning of the MD. All my recorders can play back these extra seconds, but only my home deck can record on them. So if you don't have a 303 (or 503 or similar) deck, they are not worth the trouble.
In 1999 Sony introduced new 80 min length MDs so that there will not be any more need for homemade ones..

Q: I've tried out something on this page and now my MD recoder doesn't work any longer. Can I sue you?
No, everything here is presented under the condition that you take the complete responsibility for your actions.

Q: What MD recorder should I buy?
You're on your own there. In my opinion both Sony's and Sharp's current models are worth buying, so it's a question of price and design. IMO the crucial differences are the brilliant Sony jog-dial control versus the Sharp's advantage of a recording level that can be manually adjusted while the recording is running. In any case would opt for a recording walkman as a first buy, if you want to record a lot.

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