More digital pictures from Hannover

On this year's CeBIT trade show MiniDisc only played a minor role, if any. Sony didn't bring anything new. The few things that were on display already had been introduced on the CeBIT home show in autumn last year. So I guess we'll have to wait for the IFA trade show in Berlin this year to see new gear.

Sony did however bring one small sensation. It's a little blue thing called memory stick which will be used as memory for digital cameras and audio devices. It can store from 8 MB (and is supposed have up to 128MB space in the future). One of the examples on display was a hifi system that also included a MD recorder.

Other companies had MD stuff on display, too. I don't know about Sharp - alas, I didn't have time to visit them. But I'd like to show pictures from the Hi-Space booth, where I met fellow MD-L member Arnauld Devilder. He showed me the new range of color Hi-Space MDs and also told me that these will be available in Germany soon at a price around EUR 2 per disc.


Sony's Memory Stick
Memory Stick audio recorder
Memory Stick/MD hifi
Sony Memory Stick Audio device / design study
Hi-SpaceArnauld Hi-Space & Arnauld Devilder
The new Hi-Space color MDs
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